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Mr. Patrick Matthews, Curriculum Specialist

The Art Department strives to give all students the opportunity for self expression through the visual arts. We offer a variety of courses that allow students to create works of art that explore different subject matter, topics and themes and develop skills using a variety of materials, techniques and processes. In addition, students will reflect upon, interpret and evaluate their own work as well as the work of others and examine the role that art plays in their lives and in the lives of people in a given time and place.

Ms. Stephanie Lorenzo, Curriculum Specialist

The English Department provides a student-centered learning environment of active thinkers, readers, writers, and speakers who immerse themselves in complex texts, who synthesize information between and among texts, and who make personal, faith-filled connections to the texts through an inquiry-driven, skills-based, technology-enriched curriculum.

Language and Cultural Studies
Mrs. Martina Di Palma, Curriculum Specialist

We are committed to providing a cultural and academic setting conducive to the learning of a modern language through a comprehensive language program that includes required and elective courses chosen from the foundational and advanced offerings. Emphasis is placed on the four language acquisition skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking, as well as the study of the cultural aspects associated with the language.

Math & Business
Mr. Alex Alfredo, Curriculum Specialist

The Math Department prides itself on fashioning a program that enables each student to achieve the maximum success, not only on standardized tests, but in Advanced Placement and college level courses. Our Mathematics and Business courses are aligned with the New York State Standards and structured to meet the needs, interests and abilities of students from diverse mathematical backgrounds. We offer foundational courses and senior electives in Mathematics and Business designed to help students develop competencies in analytical skills and communication, as well as in math and business skills to prepare them for college and beyond.

Mr. Joseph Loposky

Students do not need to have any prior playing experience to join the beginning level groups. Any student with an interest in music is welcome. As the young musicians progress, they are moved into or audition for a higher level performing group.  Music helps to create a well-rounded and educated person. The Music at Xaverian Program develops skills such as discipline, listening, cooperation, commitment, leadership, and ensemble in a structured approach that will challenge students to reach their highest potential. Students can use this knowledge for the rest of their lives in whatever career paths they may choose. Music involvement translates to academic success. Students who have participated in the Music at Xaverian Program have received scholarships to colleges due to their involvement in the program. The latest studies indicate that students who perform on an instrument or are involved in some type of musical activity show higher standardized test scores than students who have no involvement in music at all.  View the music course descriptions here

Physical Education

Xaverian High School is committed to a quality Physical Education, Health and Wellness program for every student. We emphasize an active process designed to enable students to make choices towards a healthier more fulfilling live by giving students the skills and knowledge needed to maintain an active lifestyle.

Mr. Brendan Moloney, Curriculum Specialist

The Religion Department aims to help develop in each student his or her intellectual, moral and spiritual potential, consonant with each one's dignity and religious tradition. We strive to enable students to be informed of the Catholic faith, Scripture and Tradition, and to be informed about other religions. A strong emphasis is placed on the concepts of social justice, service to the community, and the conviction that Catholic education is an expression of the mission entrusted to the Church by Jesus Christ.

Ms. Kristin Hayes, Curriculum Specialist

The Science Department promotes interest and achievement in science through inquiry-based learning experiences. As research tells us, students can master curriculum content, become motivated, and increase critical thinking skills through inquiry-based learning. Students will begin their study of science at Xaverian with knowledge of the basic scientific process and progress to research design and experimentation based on major topics in the curriculum, as well as individual topics of interest. Of importance to the study of science are the dialogue between and the integration of science and our Catholic faith.

Social Studies
Mr. Richard Montalbano, Curriculum Specialist

The Social Studies Department strives to instruct our students to investigate both historic events and present day issues. As part of a global society, our goal is to enable our students to develop an understanding and appreciation of the diverse cultures, religions economies, regions and political systems in our world and an awareness of the relationships between them. We work to enable our students to arrive at educated conclusions and make logical decisions in our democratic society that are consistent with Gospel values.

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