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Dear Xaverian Parents,
Since 1999, the Student Food Corporation has had the privilege of serving the foodservice needs of the students and faculty of Xaverian High School.

When I started Student Food Corp., my premise was simple but demanding. It was also radical. My mission was to create a company that would provide the most nutritious, most wholesome, most appealing, and most varied menu ever seen in a school foodservice.

As a classically trained chef I bring an experience to the student, like no other foodservice company. Now, more than ever, Student Food Corp. is keeping up with the most nutritious and health-conscious options for your child. As parents, we are aware today more than ever of the importance proper nutrition plays in academic success. In response to today’s issues that children are facing, Student Food Corp. and Xaverian are taking a proactive approach in creating a health conscious environment. Your children will have the opportunity of eating healthy and participating in physical fitness programs during gym and health education classes.

Eliminating all sugar-laden drinks, substituting with fresh fruit drinks and waters is a further step in my commitment. I continue to serve a selection of whole-wheat flour-only bagels for breakfast. Lunchtime sandwiches are made only with whole wheat or organic multi-grain breads. If you haven’t already heard of the ever-popular panini, you will. They are available on the lunchtime menu every day, and are made only on whole wheat or organic multi-grain breads. Cold cuts used are of the highest quality Boars Head Brand that has gained the approval of the American Heart Association. Snacks include air-popped corn with virtually no fat, and our frying oil is certifiably trans-fat free (as recommended by the New York City Board of Health).

Menus change daily and there are health conscious hot entrées, low fat breakfast and lunch options, pastas, freshly baked pizza, freshly made sandwiches and wraps, a fresh salad bar, and a low-fat yogurt, cereal, fresh fruit and smoothie bar. Organically grown fruits, vegetables and poultry are utilized whenever possible.

After continued meetings and years of experience with school administration, student, and parent groups, Student Food Corp. is continuing to develop a foodservice plan for Xaverian that is nutritious and healthy, as well as diverse, delicious and appealing. It is also very convenient for parents using the pre-paid system.

Student Food Corp. uses a Comalex software system. This system is specifically tailored to the school cafeteria environment. One of the unique features of the system is the ability to track each student’s meal consumption, and implement dietary restrictions if necessary. Each student has an individual account and pin number. Parent groups unanimously agree that this pre-paid system ensures that meal money is used expressly for the student’s meals and eliminates the daily responsibility to provide cash. This system has been extremely successful in the past years. Participation is strongly recommended.

A pre- paid account will go into effect when a check has been received and your child has their picture taken (in the cafeteria) and given a Personal Identification Number (PIN), which can be used to make purchases.

If you have any questions please call me personally at 718-836-7100 ext. 136

I would like to thank you in advance for your participation,

Michael Ayoub

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