Elizabeth Mezzacappa P'20 '21

Elizabeth Mezzacappa is a mother, volunteer and student. Elizabeth lives on Staten Island with her husband, Michael, of 19 years, and her daughters, Sophia, a senior, and Mariana, a junior. Elizabeth's volunteer work at Xaverian is extensive, ranging from her leadership as Volunteer Coordinator on the Spring Spectacular, an event that raises over one hundred thousand dollars a year for Xaverian's Clipper Fund, to her natural inclination to provide her help to any function that Xaverian has on the calendar year. Elizabeth has been an avid supporter of our exchange programs as well.

Elizabeth is an active member of her community, working with the GRACE Foundation for the past 22 years, volunteering as a Girl Scout Troop leader for the past 11 years, and helping to raise funds for multiple charities, including the Stephen Siller Foundation and the MHE Coalition. 

In addition, Elizabeth is finishing her Bachelor’s degree in education at the College of Staten Island.  Elizabeth enjoys running and playing tennis in her downtime.  Above all, Elizabeth’s main focus is raising her daughters to become strong, confident, kind, and compassionate human beings who always know their worth.
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