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Welcome to the Course of Studies Information webpage! Please take the time to view the videos with information about general scheduling and class placement for next year and information about the Biomedical Sciences, Computer Science, Engineering, Law & Political Science, Business, and Liberal Arts pathways.

Xaverian is committed to helping students reach their fullest potential and working to place students in courses where they will be most successful. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Sharib, the Assistant Principal for Academics at dsharib@xaverian.org or x171, or Mrs. Sullivan, the Assistant Principal for Student Support at ksullivan@xaverian.org or x170. We look forward to working with you!

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We have reached an exciting time where students will begin to plan their course of studies for the 2022-2023 school year. Students have continuously made Xaverian proud with their hard work and we look forward to planning another successful school year!
Beginning Thursday, March 31st, current freshmen and sophomores will be able to select their elective on the Harbor. Current juniors will be selecting their Religion, Social Studies, and three electives. Please consult the Course of Studies webpage below. This webpage provides you with the Course of Studies Book, Course of Studies Planner, and an instructional video on how to request courses. The Course of Studies book gives descriptions and prerequisites for all of the courses offered at Xaverian. The Course of Studies Academic Planner outlines which courses you will be required to take and the electives you can choose from. A video tutorial has been provided to show you how to request your elective on the Harbor. 

Within the next few weeks, your current teachers will be speaking with you regarding your placement into the core courses. For current freshmen and sophomores, the core courses include  Religion, English, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Math, and Science. For current juniors, these include Math and English. At the moment, you will only need to choose your elective and alternate if you are a freshman or sophomore and if you are a current junior you will choose your Religion, Social Studies, and three electives. 
Please submit your requests by Thursday, April 7th. If you have any questions you should feel free to reach out to an Assistant Principal, Academic Dean, or your guidance counselor.

Course of Studies Overview for Rising Freshmen, Sophomores, & Juniors

Course of Studies Overview for Rising Seniors

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  • Course of Studies Information

Please take advantage of the opportunity to view informational videos on the scheduling process and specific information about each of our pathways. The videos allow you to meet the coordinators of the pathways and in some cases hear from students that have gone through a particular pathway.

After you have viewed the videos, if you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to an Assistant Principal, Academic Dean, or Department Chairperson. 

Biomedical Science -- Dr. Krishnmaurthy lkrishnmaurthy@xaverian.org

Engineering -- Mr. Greg Delgeorge gdelgeorge@xaverian.org

Computer Science -- Mr. Alex Alfredo aalfredo@xaverian.org

Law and Political Science -- Mr. Vitaly Kuzmin vkuzmin@xaverian.org

Business and Economics -- Mr. Alex Alfredo aalfredo@xaverian.org

Liberal Arts (English) -- Mr. Steven Giugliano sgiugliano@xaverian.org

Liberal Arts (Art) -- Mr. Patrick Mathews pmathews@xaverian.org

Pathway Overview


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