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  • The Internship Program at Xaverian

    The Internship Program at Xaverian (IPAX) is a dynamic opportunity for upperclassmen in the full Honors Program to learn about a wide variety of careers in hands-on, real-world experiences with talented professionals. Designed to help students make well-informed decisions about their future college majors and investigate potential career paths, IPAX places students with mentors in their desired professional areas of interest. Not only do students gain valuable work experience and networking skills, but they also greatly enhance their resumes for college applications. 

    The Internship Program is an essential component of the Honors Program and is required for graduation. A minimum of 20 hours is required, but certain industries will require more. Students begin their internships during their junior year or the summer before their senior year. Hours & schedules are developed directly between the student and his/her mentor. Upon completion of the internship and submission of school assignment requirements, students will receive a final grade on their transcript.

    Interested in becoming a mentor or know someone who might be?
    Xaverian is constantly investigating new partnerships to meet the professional interests of our students. 

    Please complete the IPAX Mentor form. Once we know if we have a student match for your industry and/or company, we will be in touch. 

Organization Affiliations

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  • Architecture & Engineering

    Ciardullo Associates
    AKF Group
    GPI Engineering
    JBB Consulting Engineers 
    Lilker Associates Consulting Engineers
    Fordham University's Department of Physics & Engineering Physics
    Steven Eriquez, PE, LEED '91
    Northeast Structural Steel, Inc.
    Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Journalism

    Joseph Marc Sports, Inc.
    Major League International
  • Law

    Lugara PLLC
    Riemer & Braunstein, LLP
    New York State Court, Hon. Matthew D'Emic '70 & Hon. Vincent Del Giudice '72
    Andrew Kurth, LLP 
    Kirkland & Ellis, LLP 
  • Business

    TD Bank
    Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
    Carone & Associates, PLLC
    WithumSmith+Brown PC
    Futures in Education
    Ramallah Trading 
    Dafnonas Estates Ltd. 
    Forbes (CFO) 
    St. Francis College, Fundraising and Special Events Office 
    UBS Financial
    Citi ICG Global Markets
    Cauldwell Wingate 
    Credit Suisse 
  • Medicine & Dentistry

    Staten Island University Hospital
    Luthern Medical Center
    New York Methodist
    New York Society of Forensic Dentistry
    Dr. Holtkamp, M.D., F.A.C.S.,  General and Vascular Surgery
    The Guild for Exceptional Children
    Healthcare Associates in Medicine, P.C.
    Gilani Medicial Services
    Office of the Chief Medical Examiner 
    Dr. Henry Spinelli '74, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    Gabriel Pediatrics
    Bridge Pharmacy 
    Dr. John M. Young, Jr. DDS
    D'Arco and Tehrani, DDS
    Dr. Tajmmmal N. Gilani, Pediatrics
    Dr. Dean Etri, Chiropractor 
    Dr. Anthony Bertelle, Internal Medicine 
  • Arts & Culture

    Bay Ridge Historical Society
    Brooklyn College - Conservatory of Music
  • Politics, Military, & Law Enforcement

    United States Congress
    United States Auxilary Coast Guard
    New York Police Department
    United States Probation Office 


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  • What the Students are Saying...

    "My internship in Tupelo, Mississippi was an amazing experience, I was able to not only shadow one area in medicine, but a variety of different specialties from endocrinology to orthopedics. Interning with different doctors and a nurse practitioner further enlightened my goal to become a physician assistant that specializes in orthopedics."
    - Philip Apilan '16 

    "I can honestly say that the internship experience is one of the best things Xaverian offers to its Honors students. Interning at Futures in Education provided me with a firsthand look at the nonprofit business world and made me realize that the best kind of business is one that helps people."
    - Kevin Barrett, Futures in Education

    "My internship in civil engineering took my academic experience to unimaginable heights - literally. I was able travel to the top of the Verrazano Bridge and examine its suspension cables and beams up close. This was just one of many truly unbelievable experiences I took part in through my internship. I was actually doing real engineering work involving physics and algebraic geometry. Next summer, I will be working Northeast Structural Steel Inc. again, in a paid position, as the youngest engineer on their job sites."
    - Randy Antoun '15  Northeast Structural Steel, Inc. (Mentors: Kevin Sheerin & Dan Mallen, Project Engineers)

    "My mechanical engineering internship was an amazing experience. My mentor, Keith Frerichs '00, Senior Project Manager for WTC Redevelopment with Jones Lang LaSalle, showed me the robots used to investigate flood damage at WTC. He also took me to the Oculus, which was under construction, to describe various construction processes. These included applying computer designs to real life construction, coordinating different engineering teams, and meeting financial deadlines."
    - Ritvik Taneja '15, Jones Lang LaSalle

    "Interning with Dr. Bertelle was an amazing and eye-opening experience. I was able to shadow Dr. Bertelle and learn how he examines his patients, which helped me to understand the process of what a doctor must to do to correctly diagnose a patient with a certain illness. The internship opportunity that Xaverian provided me with made me realize the amount of love I have for science and, ultimately, helped me decide that I want to continue on in the medical field with my studies."
    - Nicholas Terzulli '15, Dr. Bertelle, Internal Medicine

    "During my internship, I networked and built relationships that will last me a long time. Working as a Case Assistant Intern truly opened the door for me to consider potentially becoming a lawyer when I get older. Working with caring people, tackling interesting tasks, and being in the middle of New York City with almost anything and everything at my fingertips is something I was very honored to have the opportunity to experience. Overall, my internship at Kirkland was potentially the best six weeks of my life and I loved it so much that I decided to go back and work for six days over Christmas break."
    - Christian Bono '15, Law Internship with Kirkland & Ellis LLP (Mentor: Christopher Torrente '90, Partner)

    "One of the most important things I learned during my internship with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce is that in order to be successful in your professional life, you have to be completely comfortable speaking to and interacting with others. I really enjoyed my time at the Chamber, and will definitely take what I learned with me as I determine my future career path."
    - Jesse Slevin '15  Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce (Mentor: Carlo A. Scissura '88, President)

    “I think that working at Forbes Publishing was a very enjoyable and informative experience. I had been taking business classes throughout my junior year and the knowledge I learned in the class carried over nicely. The information I learned there will be useful in the future no matter what I finally choose to do with my life as a whole…One of the many things I learned was that side from making profits, the general happiness of the workers, quality of the work done, as well as interpersonal relationships between workers, are all important for the success of that business.”
    - Michael Jankowski '14, Forbes Publishing (Mentor: Thomas Callahan, CFO)

    “I got to experience the real world of engineering. I have found what I love and what I am so excited to pursue to its full extent…I love being at a desk and working in a computer-assisted design program, designing building systems and doing math. It is what I picture myself doing later in life. This experience has solidified my dream…Seeing as Brendan and I did such a swell job Mr. Rotoli offered us a paid internship for the summer of 2014.”
    - Michael Rizzo '14, JBB Consulting Engineers (Mentor: Vincent Rotoli, PE, CPD, Associate)

    “For a long time I wanted to be a lawyer, so I saw this internship as a great opportunity to explore the profession. The highlight of the internship was when we went to a Civil Court in Brooklyn. My mentor is a lawyer who deals with civil cases, mostly relating to tenants and landlords. I was unable to follow my mentor into some places as I am not a lawyer. However, I was able to listen to some of the negotiations between him and the tenants. Other times I stayed at the office completing tasks such as differentiating things that are protected and not protected by an insurance agency. This made me realize the amount of preparation that is involved in being ready for a case. Participating in this internship was a great experience for me. I learned that there is a lot more to being a lawyer than questioning a witness in the courtroom. This experience helped me narrow my choices in terms of the type of law I would like to focus on. I would definitely like to participate in another internship like this one again.”
    - Joshua Previl '14, Lugara PLLC (Mentor: Lorenzo Lugara ’00, Attorney at Law)
  • What the Parents are Saying...

    "One of the most enriching aspects of my son's time at Xaverian was his Internship at Greenman Pederson Engineering. Patrick (Class of 2014) and another student were mentored by a Partner there who provided a fascinating insight into the daily workings of a major Engineering firm. They gained exclusive access to a high security project to protect the Brooklyn Bridge from terrorist attacks. They toured the construction site at the World Trade Center. They gained insights into the profession of Engineering that were possible from Xaverian's access to this program. After each visit, my son would talk for days about how interesting it was.

    The Internship experience made my son more marketable as an applicant to colleges. It also helped him discern that Engineering was a path he wanted to pursue. He is presently majoring in Engineering at the United States Naval Academy.”
    - Kathleen Coen P’16, ’14, G’14

    "As the parent of two Xaverian graduates (Kevin '11 and Thomas '13), I have seen firsthand how the internship program at Xaverian serves to prepare students for success in college and beyond. This program provides students with an opportunity to gain practical experience in the industry relating to their field of study, and it affords them the ability to see how their studies are applied in the real world. The value of listing a high school internship on a college resume is immeasurable. The internship program at Xaverian has been an integral part of my sons' academic success and has laid the groundwork for successful college internships and professional employment opportunities."
    - Judi Fitzgerald P'13,'11

    "As a parent of two young men who have taken part in the Internship Program, I feel that IPAX is an incredibly important part of the Xaverian's honors experience. Both of my sons had amazing experiences doing their internships. One interned in a produciton office for broadway shows. He was able to share ideas and understand what goes on in this environment on a day-to-day basis. My other son was able to intern with an accomplished musician and participated in an actual jazz performance with his band. Both my sons would come home from their internships with news of how their day went, chock full of information they could attribute to the career paths they were choosing. The experience was truly invaluable for each of my boys, from the understanding of what a professional job consists of, to the responsibily of getting up and heading to work in the morning, as well as being accountable and being involved with a funtional work place. Xaverian was able to offer my sons an opportunity that I could not have assisted them with. The internship program was able to help them in their future endeavors, and for that I am forever grateful!"
    - Margaret Rucci P'13
  • What Mentors are Saying...

    "The Xaverian Internship Program goes far beyond simply giving students a glimpse into the working world. This program presents the young men of Xaverian with actual real-world, real-life work experiences and challenges them to be proactive, engaged and quick-thinking - all traits they will keep with them as they move onto the career of their choice. Our Xaverian intern Matthew Drohan learned far more than phone etiquette and the proper way to fill out an Excel spreadsheet at his internship with Futures In Education / Catholic Foundation for Brooklyn and Queens. He was exposed to the ins and outs of the nonprofit world both at the office and at large-scale fundraisers, where he experienced last-minute changes of plans and surprise schedule shifts, as is the nature of events. Matthew exemplified the ability to think on his feet and maintain a professional manner no matter what task was thrown his way. We look forward to working with Xaverian students again, as we feel that their dedication far exceeds a desire to write 'internship' on a resume or college application."
    - Nick Vendikos '87, Genesis Parent '14
    Director of Development, The Catholic Foundation for Brooklyn and Queens, and Futures in Education

    “St. Francis College is proud to serve as an educational partner with Xaverian High School and IPAX. The program gives Xaverian students real-life experiences that prepare them for the real-world. Each Xaverian student who has interned at the College has been an instrumental part of our Franciscan community. They are hard-working, organized, detail-oriented, and dedicated young people who understand the importance of serving the community.”
    - Mr. Robert Oliva '00
    Director of Community Partnership and Special Events, St. Francis College

Interested in Becoming a Mentor?

Xaverian is always seeking new mentors in all professional fields. Please fill out the IPAX Mentor Form.


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