Applying to Xaverian High School

The Office of Admissions at Xaverian takes many factors into consideration when looking at prospective students. These include the TACHS exam, and our own online application, (complete with letters of recommendation, student's grades, as well as other components of the student’s life). The online application and letters of recommendation must be submitted no later than Friday, November 11, 2020.

Students who are seeking academic scholarship must sit for our scholarship exam. Please indicate your interest in sitting for this exam on our online application. Students who are seeking music scholarships must contact Mr. Joseph Loposky, Director of Music at Xaverian, at (718) 836-7100 x177 to schedule an audition. Students are welcome to apply for both academic and music scholarships, as well as financial aid. 

Below you can find a High School Admissions Timeline for the important items each month in the application process to Xaverian. The Class of 2025 timeline below is for current 8th graders. If you are a current 7th grader, please scroll down to the timeline for Class of 2026.

Timeline - Class of 2025 (current 8th graders)

August 2020

• Sign up for TACHS test 
September 2020
  • Ask two teachers/principal/coach for letters of recommendation. 
    • They should submit it online 
    • If interested in a music scholarship, sign up for music audition with Mr. Joseph Loposky, Director of Music at Xaverian, at (718) 836-7100 x177
  • Start Online Application 

October 2020
• Continue application
November 2020
  • Submit Online Application by November 11, 2020
  • Be sure to upload required application documents to your online account by November 25th
  • Take TACHS test – be sure to put Xaverian as one of your choices
December 2020
  • If interested in academic scholarship, take the scholarship exam on one of the selected dates in December
  • If interested in music scholarship, perform a music audition.  If you have any questions regarding your audition, please contact Mr. Joseph Loposky, Director of Music at Xaverian, at (718) 836-7100 x177
January 2021
  • Acceptance letters go out January 13th!
February 2021
  • Submit Registration form and payment by due date indicated on acceptance materials
March 2021
  • Attend Freshmen Orientation with your fellow members of the Class of 2025! 
April – June 2021
  • Finish out your eighth-grade year strong!
July – August 2021
  • Complete summer assignments

September 2021
  • Welcome the Class of 2025 to Xaverian!

Timeline - Class of 2026 (current 7th graders)

October 2020
  • Check out Xaverian's Interactive Viewbook 
January – February 2021
March 2021
  • Sign up to be a Clipper for a Day
July 2021
  • XCEL
August 2021
  • Online Application goes live for Class of 2026

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