Great Moments in Xaverian Sports History!

As the NCAA gears up for its annual Championship Basketball Tournament, we at Xaverian will be tipping off our own version of March Madness to benefit our students.

In our contest, we will be posting Great Sports Moments in Xaverian History and asking you to vote for the moment that means the most to you by making a contribution in its name.  Each Thursday, a new round of Clipper athletic feats will be published, covering 65 years of competition. 

Voters can visit, select their favorite moment of the round and make their donation. We ask that all donations are a minimum of $5. The round will be open until the following Wednesday, so you’ll have a week to rally support from teammates and classmates.  Standings will be updated as each new round begins.

On March 25th, the top four moments will square off in our Clipper Final Four.  

All donations benefit our Clipper Fund, which serves to support all facets of our students’ lives.  We hope that you’ll not only participate but have some fun along the way as we determine who gets bragging rights.  Thank you for your dedication to Xaverian, a blessing that is always appreciated.
The ball is tipped…

Clippers Forever!

March Madness 2021: Make Sure to Check Back Each Week for Your Favorite Moments!

The 2021 Xaverian March Madness Champion!

Great Moments in Xaverian Sports | Your Final Four!

So, here we are!  After an exciting tournament that has seen its share of blowouts and upsets, Xaverian March Madness has reached the Final Four.  All that's left is for a champion to be crowned.  Congratulations to our finalists and a big, Clipper "Thank You" to all that donated.  
Here's how the final round will work.  All four semi-final moments have been reset to zero.  We'll open the voting today.  Click on your favorite final four selection, and make a minimum donation of $5.  The winner will be announced on Wednesday, March 31st. 

ROUNDS 1, 2, and 3: Voting has closed, but these moments are still GREAT!

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