A member of the class of 1966, Mr. Tom Grenham '66 lived his life in dedication to decades of Clippers. During an esteemed career that spanned more than four decades, Tom's reach extended far beyond his expertise in the classroom.  He held a position as a coach in the baseball program during his early years before serving as the school’s Athletic Director.  In 1977, he was appointed Assistant Principal, and, in 1993, Tom was named the sixth Principal in Xaverian’s history.
It was during his tenure as Principal that Mr. Grenham established two landmark programs for which Xaverian is now recognized by many- the Football program and the Pipe and Drum Corps.  Each of these extremely significant groups was founded as the result of Tom’s vision, hard work and dedication to the students under his charge.  To that end, he not only served as Moderator of the Pipe and Drums, but learned to play, himself, and marched often with his award-winning pipers. He is credited with getting Xaverian a premier position marching down 5th avenue in the New York St. Patrick's Day Parade, leading the New York City Council down the storied parade route. Mr. Tom Grenham was also a member of the Padraic society and a member of the St. Francis Xavier Society.


Established in 1957, Xaverian is one of thirteen schools nationwide sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers.