Miriam Ligammari began teaching in Xaverian’s Science Department in 2007, where she taught physics for 8 years. Prior to teaching at Xaverian, Miriam worked at a local junior high school. Miriam graduated with a degree in civil engineering from Polytechnic University, and thereafter worked on construction projects such as the reconstruction of part of the Belt Parkway; over time, Miriam developed a love of teaching and felt most fulfilled in the classroom.

Miriam always searched for ways to improve her craft. She was a physics grader for College Board’s Advanced Placement exams, working with educators from across the country to further her own understanding of the exam so she could better serve her students upon her return.

Miriam’s passion for physics, her compassionate nature, and her love for her students meant the world to her students. Miriam shared her passion with students outside of the classroom as the moderator of the Rocket Club, mentoring students on the design process and the mechanics of rocket building while bringing them to competitions around the Tri-State area.  

Miriam’s warm heart meant the world to her students. A former student remarked of her, “Senior year at Xaverian was a trying time that Ms. Ligammari helped me through so much. I took AP Physics under her, and she kindled in me such a love of Science. I earned a B.S. in Chemistry this past May because of her, and as I continue my studies, I'll do them while keeping her in my heart. Thank you, Ms. Ligammari, for everything.”


Established in 1957, Xaverian is one of thirteen schools nationwide sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers.