Graduates Shine at Baccalaureate Mass!

Graduating members of the Music At Xaverian (MAX) program shined at our annual Baccalaureate Mass. Conducting the talented musicians one last time, Mr. Robert Randazzo '08 had this to share about the experience...
The Xaverian High School Chorus first performed Martha Keen's Homeward Bound in December 2016 at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. Thinking it a fitting tribute to the Class of 2017, we decided to bring it back for the Baccalaureate Mass. Keen's text setting is full of imagery, and especially poignant as we think about our graduating seniors. The message is simple: I will be leaving soon; I have to - but I promise I will find my way back before long. For this performance, we enlisted the aid of the top players of many different instruments from the Class of 2017. The ensemble fit perfectly together, and it was thrilling to hear the reverberation within the Basilica. This is a performance I will never forget.
Robert Randazzo '08, Music Teacher 

Vocal Soloist: 
Danny Burns  

Christopher Arteaga 
Jianxin 'Jason' Chen 
Christian DeVoy 
Robert Erdei 
James Flynn 
Joshua Harris 
Marc Jeanbart 
Jordan Stevens 
Shenal Tissera 
Samuel Torres 
-with juniors Adney Silva, Michael Curcio, Greg Randazzo, and Anthony Figueroa 

Marc Calza

Malik Tranquille

Alto Saxophone: 
Joseph Petillo

Bass Clarinet: 
Timothy Gangemi

Joseph Gulotta

Joseph Liotta

Emanuel Elkass

Christopher LoMagno and Raymond LaMantia

Nicholas Loud
    • Homeward Bound - Graduates of MAX
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