A Glimpse of Xaverian 1958

1958 Xaverian High School Promotional Brochure
The 1958 promotional brochure at right highlights essential aspects of Xaverian for prospective students and parents. Produced by the school in its second year of operation, some of the more salient features in the brochure include:

In 1958, 44 Brothers lived in community on the third floor. Only eight teachers were laymen. Today, only one Brother remains in a teaching faculty of nearly 90: Brother Jim Smith, CFX, currently in his 50th continuous year at Xaverian.

1958: $300.00
2018: $14,500
1958: College Prep, NYS Regents Diploma, Honors Program.
2018: College Prep, NYS Regents Diploma, Honors, Advanced Placement, College Affiliated Courses, Middle School.
Dress Code
In 1958 the essential tie and jacket dress code of the 1950’s were de rigueur.
2018’s equally strict uniform code is carefully detailed in a full 3½ pages of the Student Guide: 


Established in 1957, Xaverian is one of thirteen schools nationwide sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers.