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The College Coordinator’s Office is committed to working with our students beginning in their freshman year to guide and encourage them as they navigate the college admissions process.  We work collaboratively alongside each student to ensure that he meets important deadlines, researches a wide array of colleges, registers for tests, and successfully completes applications.  We are dedicated to ensuring that our students are well-prepared as they tackle any challenges they may face while working to achieve their goals in high school, while also working with them to develop a groundwork for success in their higher education aspirations. 

The introduction to the college application process begins freshman year by encouraging students and their parents to log onto Naviance, a robust college search engine.  One key tool that Naviance offers is the Learning Style Inventory (LSI), an online assessment which diagnoses students’ unique learning styles based on an analysis of their personal preferences in 22 different areas. A personally tailored report identifies each student’s unique environmental, emotional, sociological, and physical preferences.  This information can then be used to personalize the college search process based on each student’s strengths.  Early on in the college application process we also work on resume building with a focus on meaningful extra-curricular activities.

Sophomore year, we work with students to delve deeper into the vast features of Naviance with a special focus on the Needs Assessment, PLAN test interpretation, and the Personality Type Survey. 

Junior year begins with formulating a plan for higher education with a focus on intensive college research.  A Career Interest Inventory test is also administered.   Periodic small group workshops covering several topics related to the college application process, including essay writing, college visits, EA, ED I, ED II, SAT’s, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, and important deadlines, are offered for juniors and seniors. 

Senior year, we meet with students to discuss, review, and enhance essays and resumes, as well as finalize college choices and submit applications. 

Meetings will be held with parents regularly throughout the four year college preparatory and application process.  Parents will also be kept abreast of information concerning financial aid and graduation requirements. 

College Tuesdays/On-Site Decisions

College Tuesdays is a weekly event which features a variety of different colleges and universities stationed in a common area outside of the cafeteria so that students can learn about different schools at their leisure.  Click here to view the 2016 College Tuesdays schedule.

On-Site Decisions - Many schools visit Xaverian in order to provide our students with immediate acceptance decisions and financial aid information.  Please check back for an updated schedule!

Latest News

  • Free 4 hours tutoring

    Eblast for Partners to Announce 4 Free Hours to Families (Revolution Challenge)
    Dear Parents,
    Every year, we receive hundreds of parent inquiries on the subject of private tutoring and SAT/ACT preparation. We also receive several requests from tutoring and test preparation companies to promote their services. While we tend to shy away from recommendations, one tutoring company is offering a remarkable resource to our families that we couldn’t ignore.
    Revolution Prep, one of the nationwide leaders in academic and test preparation tutoring, is offering every Xaverian High School 4 hours of tutoring in any subject, no purchase necessary. To redeem, families must call our Revolution Prep Academic Advisor liaison by March 15th 2017. Tutoring hours may be used anytime.
    98% of families say they would recommend a Revolution Prep tutor to a friend. We hope you take advantage of this offer and let us know about your experience. 
    To claim your 4 free hours, please contact Trisha Harding at 917.383.0861 or
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Throughout the year, the guidance department receives notification for local and national scholarships as well as scholarships for specific colleges/universities. A full updated list may be viewed here:
Please feel free to contact Ms. Ana Loposky, College Coordinator, at (718) 836-7100 x166 or with any questions or concerns you might have concerning the college admissions process.  

Please feel free to contact SAT SSD & ACT Special Testing Coordinators, Mr. Christian Bisciello at (718) 836-7100 x809 or or Mr. Tom Tellefsen at (718) 836-7100 x153 or, with any questions or concerns you might have concerning test accommodations on the SAT or ACT college entrance exams.
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