Music At Xaverian: The Mid-Year Concert

What an exciting time of the year for the Xaverian Music program our Mid Year Concert is upon us. This concert features all of our Beginning High School groups, our Chamber Ensembles along with our High School and Genesis Chorus. You will see a mix of recording styles which even makes this more impressive and interesting. We have students on stage recording in their concert dress code, with face masks and protective gear on, we also have students at home doing virtual recordings, you will see a combination of both styles together and a picture collage of some groups as well. Wow! We are proud of all the hard work the students and teachers are putting into the Concert to make sure we show off everything MAX. 

We are not done though, our upcoming Spring Concert will be coming out toward the end of the year and that will feature all groups, 6 through 12. 

I would be remiss if I did not thank everyone for the effort put forth to make this Concert a realization. To the students, I want to say “Bravo”. It is not easy to do Concerts in this fashion for sure but you have shown that anything is possible through your dedication and work. I cannot wait to get you back on stage in the not too distant future. My many thanks for all that you have done.

To the music team and that is surely what it has been this year, a team. Mr. Randazzo, Ms. Chalif, Mr. Pasipanki, Ms. Vinegar, Mr. Still, and Mr. Zupo. Your professionalism, drive, and care for the students show through in what we are presenting in this Concert. I cannot thank you enough for the work you put into this program. 

Lastly, I want to thank the school administration. Their overwhelming drive and dedication to the school have shown forth in all that we do at Xaverian. Without them, our Concerts or what we do in this school on a daily basis would not be a possibility.

With that, I say I hope this Concert brings a bit of joy and peace to those who listen and watch it. Enjoy,

Yours in Music,
Joseph Loposky

The 2021 MAX Mid-Year Concert Interactive Program

Our interactive program is viewed best in full screen. Click on any performance to enjoy! 
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