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Still Seeking “The Voyager”

Does anyone have any issues of "The Voyager," an alumni newsletter from the late 1960's?  If so, please contact

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"Preserving the past to serve the present and future."

Twenty-twenty not only describes our arrival at the first one-fifth of the 21st century, but also the accuracy of Xaverian's vision into the ever-moving future. Even as the school’s first coed class enjoys the privileges of their senior year and imminent graduation, with acceptance letters in hand they are focusing on their college years now only months away.
Here in the Archives Office, the unremitting advance of time adds more memories and more memorabilia. New & ongoing.
 New Acquisitions:
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Paul Mila, Class of 1964 underwater photographer and author of mystery thrillers, action novels, and children’s books, has made a donation of three of his recent works to the Xaverian Archives collection.

Almost 20 years ago, Paul traded in his corporate suit for a wetsuit and now devotes his time to writing, scuba diving, underwater photography, and promoting ocean conservation.

His real-life adventures include diving with Caribbean reef sharks in the Bahamas, humpback whales in the Dominican Republic and Tonga, sea life around the world, and of course his home waters of Long Island. His personal experiences give realism and excitement to his stories as he accurately describes the beauty and wonder of our undersea world for non-diving readers. His characters include “ferocious sharks, friendly dolphins, nefarious criminals, a sexy heroine and a bold NYPD detective.
See a complete list of Paul’s works here. Visit his website Visit his website at
Attention Vietnam Vets

To date, about two dozen Vietnam veterans have responded to the Xaverian’s effort to recognize Alumni who have served their country.

Basic information might include: Name; Grad Year; Service Branch; Rank; Unit(s); Service Dates; Location(s); Specialties; Personal memories / remarks.

This effort began with a conversation last summer among alumni from the 1960s who served in Vietnam. As the project evolves, it is hoped to add military service to all alumni records.

Please email comments, questions, &c. to  
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Sigfried ’64, Archivist

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