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Still Seeking “The Voyager”

Does anyone have any issues of "The Voyager," an alumni newsletter from the late 1960's?  If so, please contact

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    Mr. Sigfried Heiles 64

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"Preserving the past to serve the present and future."
September 2021 

Fellow Alumni,
“Try to remember that time in September …” theme song from the The Fantasticks
As Xaverian opens its 64th season, and welcomes the Class of 2025, today’s excitement is tomorrow’s nostalgia.  Can you recall your first September at 7100 Shore Road? Your freshman year teachers? Your heavy textbooks? What was for lunch in the cafeteria? The weather? Although the details change for each successive class, we all have shared experiences. We are all links in an unbroken chain.
As the Archive Office endeavors to preserve our history and traditions through publications, photographs and varied memorabilia, you are invited to be a part on the growing story of our school. Visitors are encouraged to share stories with fellow alumni, submit topics for exploration. Publications, photographs, Shore Road Locals and all manner of materials may be shared electronically in the form of jpegs and pdfs and, of course, actual archival materials are always welcome.
Stay tuned for exciting news about Xaverian’ new website which will link you to our archived materials and showcase new acquisitions!
Wishing you and those close to you, safety and health.
Sigfried Heiles ’64 
Established in 1957, Xaverian is one of thirteen schools nationwide sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers.
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