Centered in Christ

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  • Overview

    As a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School, we are centered in Christ and strive to create the time and space necessary for reflection, prayer, sharing of faith, and sacramental celebration.

    The Campus Ministry Program is an integral part of our students’ educational experience. We strive for growth and learning marked by:
    • enduring personal relationships
    • stewardship for God’s creation
    • the centrality of religious instruction, spiritual formation, worship and prayer
    • character and moral development
    • a spirit of harmony

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  • Prayer Opportunities

    The opportunity to pray is an important part of every person’s growth in faith. Because of this, we have the following opportunities for prayer:
    • Daily Morning Rosary
    • LISTEN Night
    • School-wide Masses
    • School-Wide Prayer Services
    • Religion Class Prayer services and Class Masses
  • Service Opportunities

    In addition to the community service that students will complete on their own, Campus Ministry also provides opportunities for students to volunteer. Students can dedicate their time to the following activities:
    • Big X Little X Freshman Orientation 
    • Freshmen Welcoming Community Night
    • St. Dominick's Outreach Center 
    • The Christmas Cabaret
    • Senior Involvement
    • Sandwiches for the Homeless
Xaverian provides different retreat experiences for the spiritual needs of their students. There are retreat experiences given to every student at least once a year, with optional retreats for students who wish to further explore their faith.

Campus Ministers

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  • Photo of John Dormer

    John Dormer 

    Campus Minister
    (718) 836-7100 x179
  • Photo of Salvatore Tinervia

    Salvatore Tinervia 97

    Campus Minister
    (718) 836-7100 x812
  • Photo of Patrick Drexler

    Patrick Drexler 05

    Assistant Director of Campus Ministry
    (718) 836-7100 x843
  • Photo of Martina Di Palma

    Martina Di Palma 

    Assistant Director of Campus Ministry
    (718) 836-7100 x825


Established in 1957, Xaverian is one of thirteen schools nationwide sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers.