Xaverian welcomes international students to study at our school! We believe that our school environment can foster great success for students who wish to study in a U.S. High School and continue in a U.S. University. Listed below are the various details specific to international students considering Xaverian.
Applying to Xaverian
  1. International students will only be eligible to apply to Xaverian for a September start date. We feel that the transition is too difficult academically and socially for students to start with us at any other time in the school year.
  2. To apply to Xaverian, students must submit the following documents by April 1st
• Grades from the last 3 years of school (translated to English if needed)
• Letter of recommendation from a teacher (translated to English if needed)
•   TOEFL exam: Minimum score of 75-80 required. If your TOEFL scores are below this, your chances for admissions will be greatly reduced. We have found that our program can be quite challenging under these circumstances.
3.     Once your documents have been received, our Admissions committee will review them and will reach out if we feel we can move forward with the process. If so, a SKYPE or in-person interview will be arranged.
4.     After the interview, students can be conditionally accepted pending the I-20 paperwork to be submitted and approved.
Being an International Student at Xaverian
  1. Once a student is enrolled and arrives in the U.S., he/she will sit for an in-person language assessment.
  2. This assessment exam is used to determine if students are required to be in the ESL class for that year.
• ESL meets 2 days a week after school for an hour each session. Students will receive a letter grade for this class and can attend summer school if minimum class requirements are not met.
    • Students in ESL will be reassessed at the end of the year to determine if ESL is required for the following year.
      • International Students also meet regularly with one of our Guidance Counselors to help them transition to Xaverian and the U.S.
      Additional Fees
      1. International Fee (annual) - $5000 – This additional fee is to be paid by any student who is studying at Xaverian on a student visa. This fee covers the extra paperwork for the visa and various supports we provide for international students as they enter and continue to study throughout their time with us.
      2. ESL Fee (annual) - $2000 – This is to be paid by any student who is enrolled in the ESL class. Students who we have determined, based on our assessments, do not need to take ESL in any given year will not need to pay this fee.
      Established in 1957, Xaverian is one of thirteen schools nationwide sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers.
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