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  • Technology

    Technology at Xaverian strives to support the primary educational mission of the school while preparing our students in an ever more interconnected, online world. Technology is used throughout the curriculum to enhance communication and reinforce basic skills needed in personal and professional life.

    Xaverian has been a leader in the one-to-one computing platform, providing each student with an iPad, as well as providing MacBook Airs to each of our faculty. All of our classrooms have AppleTVs that allow our teachers to access content from around the globe in seconds while being able to provide our students not only with current events but breaking news. We have redesigned our web presence to further facilitate collaboration among our students, their parents, and our faculty and are making use of such tools as Naviance for the college application process. We also have our very own learning management system, The Harbor, that serves as the daily hub for electronically submitting assignments, checking daily grades and averages, and obtaining information about current classes and lessons. 

    Technology Highlights
    • Each student is equipped with an iPad
    • WiFi access throughout the school building with appropriate web filters
    • Classrooms equipped Apple TVs  
    • The auditorium and computer labs facilitate collaboration and presentation of student work and faculty instruction 
    • Use of social media engages in lessons engages students
    Xaverian’s technology is also designed to support ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Students, NETS.

Organization Affiliations

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  • EbscoHost

    EbscoHost is a collection of databases that provide premium online information resources and research tools. We currently have eight different databases that can be useful for both students and teachers. Click here to access. 
  • Questia

    Questia is an online library of books and articles as well as an entire reference set complete with a dictionary, encyclopedia, and thesaurus. It also includes digital productivity tools for highlighting text, taking notes, and generating footnotes and bibliographies. Every current student and faculty member has an account. Once you have logged on, you may create your own unique username and password. Click here to access. 
  • SIRS

    SIRS is an online interface that provides integrated access to quality internet resources, documents, and full-text articles from thousands of U.S. and international publications. The SIRS database includes:
    • Knowledge Source: targeted resources for student research
    • Renaissance: current perspectives on the Arts & Humanities– dynamic content in eight categories, exploring arts and cultures worldwide.
    • Government Reporter: collects information published by and about the United States federal government.
    • Researcher: delivers the pros and cons of today’s complex social issues with relevant, credible information that tells the whole story on the major questions of the day.

    Click here for access. 

Need More Information on Our Databases?

For more information about Xaverian's databases, please contact Mr. Thomas Snyder '06, Academic Dean, at


Established in 1957, Xaverian is one of thirteen schools nationwide sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers.