Music Department Philosophy and Goals

Music At Xaverian, better known as M.A.X., is an all-encompassing performance-based program. Any student regardless of experience can join. The program encourages students of any background to participate and take their performance to the highest levels of musicianship. This has been the philosophical backbone of MAX since its inception, opportunity for everyone. 

Music at Xaverian now has 28 different large performing ensembles. The groups range from the youngest performers to groups who play some of the most challenging repertoires. Groups and courses range from Symphonic Bands, Jazz Bands, Orchestras, Chorus, Guitar Ensembles, Musical Theater, Pipe and Drum Corps, Pep Band, Rock Bands, Drumline, and various Chamber Ensembles as well as Music Theory and AP Music Theory.

Music helps create a well-rounded person. Music At Xaverian develops skills such as discipline, listening, cooperation, teamwork, commitment, leadership, dedication, perseverance, and ensemble in a structured College Preparatory approach that will challenge students to reach their highest potential. Students obtain knowledge that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives in whatever careers they may choose. 

Music involvement translates to academic success. Students who have participated in the Music Program have typically been top academic performers in the school. Many of these same students have been offered music scholarships to the colleges of their choice even though they may choose a different field of study. The latest studies indicate that students who participate in music earn higher standardized test scores than students who have no involvement in music. 

  • To give students the tools necessary to continue music performance long after their Xaverian years
  • To foster in all students a lifelong passion for music enjoyment no matter what genre or style
  • To create and ensure that music has a place in our students' lives now and moving forward
  • To help students gain skills in all areas of their lives

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  • AP Music Theory 

    The ultimate goal of an AP Music Theory course is to develop a student’s ability to recognize, understand, and describe the basic materials and processes of music as both a performer and listener. The curriculum to achieve these goals will involve understanding the fundamentals of aural and analysis using listening, written, and/or performance exercises. A prerequisite for the AP level class is successful completion of the Music Theory course and/or approval of the Director of Music. Any student who is enrolled in either level of Music Theory must be enrolled in an ensemble (i.e. Band, Orchestra, Chorus, or Guitar).
  • Music Theory 

    This course will concentrate on laying foundations in music theory, history, score reading, and aural skills. Classwork will include learning the fundamentals of score analysis, listening comprehension, and the ability to discuss musical works and basic music theory. Successful completion of this course will make a student eligible to take AP Music Theory the following year. Any student who is enrolled in either level of Music Theory must be enrolled in an ensemble (i.e. Band, Orchestra, Chorus or Guitar)

Music Department Members

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  • Photo of Karen Chalif

    Karen Chalif 

    Academic Dean
    (718) 836-7100 x207
  • Photo of Joseph Loposky

    Joseph Loposky 

    Director of the Music Program at Xaverian
    (718) 836-7100 x177
  • Photo of Michael Pasipanki

    Michael Pasipanki 10

    (718) 836-7100 x808
  • Photo of Robert Randazzo

    Robert Randazzo 08

    (718) 836-7100 x854
  • Photo of Zoe Vinegar

    Zoe Vinegar 

    (718) 836-7100 x822
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