Xaverian's Spring Spectacular March 15, 2024

Thanks to all those who supported the Xaverian Spring Spectacular. Whether you attended the event, purchased a raffle ticket, participated in our online raffle, donated an item or were one of the tireless volunteers -  your generosity and support is greatly appreciated.  

Congratulations to all of our lucky winners! Our online raffle winners were contacted over the weekend and a list can be found on our online platform. If you have any questions regarding prize distribution, please email Siobhan Galligan in the Advancement Office at sgalligan@xaverian.org.

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Thank you to our Sponsors!

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    Thank you to the following families and individuals for their generosity.  A special thanks to any who purchased from our Amazon Wish List and did not include their name.   

    The Abad Family 
    The Acevedo Family
    The Agrapidis Family
    The Alfano Family
    The Alvarado-Bialik Family
    The Amen Family
    The Anderson Family
    The Barber Family
    The Barnett Family
    The Barone Family
    The Barrera Family
    The Berat Family
    The Blandino Family
    The Bislig Family
    The Bonanno Family
    The Bostwick-Ridell Family
    The Breier Family
    Rosalie Bruno
    The Buono Family
    The Burke Family
    The Cahill Family
    The Calvo Family 
    The Compoccia Family 
    The Castro Family
    The Cassidy Family
    The Cavallino Family 
    The Chelales Family
    The Ciaccia Family
    The Clementi Family 
    The Colantuono Family 
    The Conrath Family
    The Conti Family 
    The Cahill Family
    The Culleton Family
    The Davis Family
    The Dean Family
    The Dezago Family
    The DiCanio Family
    The Dolan Family 
    The D’Onofrio Family 
    The Driscoll Family
    The Dugan Family
    The Esposito Family
    The Evans Family 
    The Fair Family
    The Fiore Family
    The Forester Family 
    The Fountaine Family
    The Friedman Family 
    The Galligan Family
    The Ganim Family 
    The Giakoumis Family
    The Giordano Family
    The Graffagnino Family
    The Grimaldi Family
    The Guiffre Family
    The Izzett Family
    The Larkin Family
    The Lanzaro Family
    The Lepore Family 
    The Lotito Family
    The Malchow Family 
    The Marianakis Family 
    The Matias Family
    The Matthews Family
    The Mazarakis Family
    The McCarthy Family
    The McCluskey Family 
    The McIntyre Family
    The McMenemy Family
    The McMorrow Family 
    The Miani Family 
    The Mignone Family
    The Miller-Barber Family
    The Muir Family
    The Mullin Family
    The Murdoch Family
    The Mustin Family
    The Natale Family
    The Neamonitakis Family 
    The Osowiecki Jones Family
    The Otero Family
    The Payne Family
    The Perotta Family
    The Pisiani Family 
    The Porro Family
    The Rafferty Family 
    The Raico Family
    The Regan Family
    The Rivas Family 
    The Robotics Team
    The Rosenberg Family
    The Russo Family
    The Rutigliano Family
    The Scally Family 
    The Schiano Family 
    Daniel Sharib
    The Soto Family
    The Sparacio Family 
    Anthony Stumbo 
    The Tomassetti Family 
    The Trantino Family
    The Varano Family 
    The Winters Family 
    The Zito Family

    Thanks to the following teams and groups at Xaverian who generously supported the Spectacular.

    Xaverian Book Club
    Xaverian Cheerleading
    Xaverian Football Program
    Genesis 8th Grade Families
    The M.A.X. Program 
    Xaverian Robotics
    Xaverian SADD
    Xaverian Volleyball Program


    Spectacular Business Supporters

    All American Bagel & Barista Station
    BA Academy
    BAE Salon
    The Belvedere Club
    Bloom Cafe
    Clemente’s Crab House
    Cookies by Laura
    David Shannon Florist & Nursery 
    D’Onofrio General Contractors
    Estee Lauder
    Harbor Fitness
    Joyce’s Tavern
    Lands’ End
    La Sorrentina
    Lee’s Tavern
    MAX Challenge
    Meat Up Grill
    Metropolis Steak & Seafood
    Mixx Boutique
    Mullin Basketball Camps
    Pipin’s Pub
    The Richmond
    Roberto Falck Photography
    Terrace Fitness
    United Meat Market
    Wicked Monk
    Xaverian Athletic Department


Established in 1957, Xaverian is one of thirteen schools nationwide sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers.