St. John's University College Advantage Program

St. John’s University’s commitment to academic excellence is manifested through the College Advantage Program which provides qualified students a concurrent enrollment in their high school and college credit-bearing courses for the University.
This program is offered to qualified juniors and seniors during the academic year.  Specific courses are offered in the areas of English, mathematics, social studies, religion, and science.
  • The program provides students with an opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school. This benefits high-achieving students to be further motivated and to get a “headstart” on college.
  • Students successfully passing these courses will be eligible to receive 3 college credits per course through St. John’s University.
  • Students may enroll in up to 3 courses (9 credits) per academic year.
  • Students will be responsible for all additional fees charged by St. John’s as well as completing any required applications for acceptance to the College Advantage Program.
  • It also provides reduced tuition costs to students and parents, and serves as an assessment of a student’s ability to do college level work.
  • Eligibility: Minimum 80% average (seniors) or an 85% average (juniors) in all academic subjects and a combined Math and Critical Reading SAT score of 1000 (or 100 on the PSAT, or an ACT score of 21). 
St. John’s Courses
SJU Courses Offered:
  •  #4136 St. John’s World Religions
  • # 4138 St. John’s University Perspectives on Christianity
  • #4340 St. John’s University American National Government
  • #4241 St. John’s University First Year College Writing
  • #4541 St. John’s University Precalculus
  • #4536 St. John’s University Calculus
  • # 4535 St. John’s University Probability & Statistics
  • #4635 St. John’s University Human Biology, Anatomy & Physiology


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