Clipper News

7100 Welcomes New Faces!

Michaela Aellis ’26, Michaela Bowry ’25, Joanna Kampessis ’26, Jasmine Li ’26, Joseph Romano ’25, Alexandria Salvato ’25
As the new year starts, Xaverian is thrilled to be welcoming its newest members into the Clipper community.  The Administration, Student Life Committee, and Campus Ministry team worked tirelessly over the summer on a number of activities to make the Class of 2027 and 2030 feel at home. 

The consensus among the freshmen was that Xaverian is a family community. Gabriella Lubrano ‘27 remarked about how welcoming her opening days were. “The upperclassmen were kind and welcoming,” she remarked. 

Though the year just started, the freshmen have been getting settled into their classes as well, getting right back into note-taking, homeworking, and studying. Teachers are working hard to engage their students, with even some of the infamously harder classes attracting students.

Nora Maher ‘27 commented, “Chem’s my favorite class so far!”

All Clippers know the importance of getting involved in the school community, giving back, and growing the whole self. Kayla Grosetto caught on quickly, saying she plans to join “lacrosse and the Key Club.” 

Down in Genesis, the sentiments were the same. 

Vivian Meyer ‘30, who’s following in her sister’s footsteps as a Clipper, explained how watching her sister’s love for the school drove her to come here and already get involved in Genesis Dramatics. 

“Being a Clipper means to me that not only have I started in a new school and starting a new step in my life,” Meyer remarked, “but that I have also joined a family that is going to look out for me and help me. And I know that I have people here who will support me through my new journey.” 

The Admissions Office, too, is proud to finally welcome home all the new Clippers.

Mr. Eddie Mayrose ‘79, Associate Director of Advancement and Admissions, is ecstatic to have new students in the building.
“I feel better and better about the new students. I, along with our admissions team, read every application for the hundreds of students who apply to this school. Our job is to admit the students, of course, and there are many good students, but we strive for the best, personable kids. I hope the class of ‘27 and ‘30 aren’t scared to ask for help. The three qualities I’d like for them to have is to excel academically, socially, and spiritually.”

Welcome home, Clippers! 


Established in 1957, Xaverian is one of thirteen schools nationwide sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers.