The Homecoming Dance: A Night in Paris

Allison Ehrlich, Joanna Kempessis, Brooke Masotto, Ava Haskopoulos
To round out Spirit Week, Xaverian held a junior and senior homecoming dance on Saturday, September 30th, in the gym, turning a space of physical education classes and basketball and volleyball games into a ballroom in the middle of Paris. 

Throughout Xaverian’s long history, the school has had proms for juniors and seniors year after year, but starting this year, they embarked on a new tradition: the homecoming dance. An idea brought about by students over the years, it was one Mrs. Kristen Sullivan, Assistant Principal for Student Support, wanted to make happen for students.

“It’s something students have wanted for a long time,” she said. “They want to live out the true American high school experience, and we were able to make that happen.”

Much went into the planning of this night: choosing themes, setting menus, securing chaperones, getting funding, and ordering supplies. But students knew it was all worth the wait. “We started in the spring of 2023,” Sullivan continued, “and it was wonderful to finally see it come to life.”  

When students walked into school on Saturday evening, the gym was transformed into a room illuminated with gold and white lights with a black background, with Eiffel Towers, trees, benches, and lamp posts surrounding the perimeter – a stunning depiction of the perfect Paris park evening. In addition, there were two backdrops for plenty of pictures to be taken throughout the night and video screens displaying river rides through the city, making students feel like they were spending the night in Europe!

Dressed in semi-formal attire such as suits, shirts and, ties and cocktail dresses, students crowded the floor, dancing to all kinds of genres of music mixed for the night. 

Xaverian senior Grace Fountaine discussed her excitement for the dance, saying, “I think it’s a great wrap for Spirit Week! A Night in Paris was what we all voted on a form on the Harbor sent out to the junior and senior classes last year. I was so happy I got my choice!”

Other theme options put out on the poll included “Under the Sea,” “Carnival,” “Fall Ball,” and “Decades.”

Junior Elania Oliver attended the evening, describing the night as a “blast.” She stated how the theme was “enchanting and beautiful, and loved every moment of the night.”

It may be “au revoir” for now, but the memories the Clippers shared this night will last forever!


Established in 1957, Xaverian is one of thirteen schools nationwide sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers.