Introducing Xaverian's Step Team

Michaela Bowry '25
In the spring of 2023, seniors Anaya Walcott-Gallup and Kiara Wells pursued their idea of starting Xaverian’s first Step Team. After working with Mrs. Sullivan, Assistant Principal of Student Support, and presenting the logistics and benefits of starting a team, Xaverian’s Step Team was created. 

Step gained popularity throughout the 1900s as it incorporated elements of traditional African dances. These steps and rituals were first performed by African-American sororities and fraternities. And today, it has turned into a sport with teams across the country.

Starting off with only two seniors and seven sophomores, the team was nothing more than a club, but when the two founding members graduated, the now juniors stepped up and formed a team with the new freshmen. With no students having prior experience with Step, the team had its work cut out for them. 

Ms. Lorenzo, the team’s coach stated, “The Step Team was something that really started with a few members of the Class of 2023. They saw that there was an interest, and considering we have the largest athletic program in the city, adding a Step Team seemed like a logical choice for our school community. To that end, what we have accomplished thus far since the team's inception last March has been remarkable. I am so proud of this team, and the fact that they have been fan favorites at matches throughout the volleyball season is only a sign of what’s to come.”

The team met twice a week for two hours, sometimes more, leading up to their first homecoming performance. The time spent practicing and synchronizing was very crucial in the process of making a real team. The hard work, practice, and simply being together consistently helped them to execute a very well-thought-out routine. 

The Homecoming Game gave the Step Team one of its first performance platforms. As the team stepped, the crowds chanted along with the team, gave loud applause, and some people even started stepping along. 

“You guys are so good… one of the best teams that performed today!” yelled one student. 

The debut of the Step Team on the morning of Homecoming allowed people to realize that you don’t have to go into it knowing how to step; you just have to have fun and be dedicated because being a part of a team takes commitment. The spotlight was now on the Step Team, one of Xaverian’s newest teams, and the team had to prove to everyone that they had what it took to perform and represent the Clippers. 


Established in 1957, Xaverian is one of thirteen schools nationwide sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers.