Thanksgiving Eve at the X!

Allison Ehrlich, Brooke Masotto
On Wednesday, November 21, Xaverian’s Turkey Bowl tradition kicked off! Students and parents crowded the park on Shore Road outside of Xaverian to watch the junior and senior girl classes play flag football against each other! 

Seniors Timmy Hayes and Aidan Leary coached the senior girls, while Matteo Perotta and Jaden Cadotte coached the junior girls, using their own plays and knowledge from playing on Xaverian’s Varsity Football Team! Both teams had an exciting and eventful game, with the seniors coming to take the win with a score of 20-12.

Junior Charlotte Muniz said, “It was a fun and eventful experience, and I’m so happy I was able to participate in this tradition.”

Following, both Varsity Girls and Boys Basketball Teams had their traditional Thanksgiving Eve games. 

The Varsity Girls took on New Dorp High School, playing aggressively and skillfully, only proving that by winning by 56 points with a final score of 91-35!

Some standout athletes were junior Grace Lanier, scoring 14 points; sophomore Callie Mullin, scoring 17 points; and junior Alex Carbonaro, scoring 22 points! 

Grace Lanier stated, “Playing on Thanksgiving Eve on our opening night was a great day to be a Clipper. Especially in a time of thanks, it gave me one more thing to be thankful for, which is the ability to play the sport I love with not only teammates but family.” 

While the boys played Lincoln High School in a fast-paced and close game, students, faculty, parents, and many former students and players gathered to enjoy, with a final score of 58-56.

Brandon Margolin ‘25  scored the winning point with only 0.9 seconds remaining in the game, making the crowd go wild, storming the court to celebrate their great victory! 

The night also included the ring ceremony for the 2022-2023 Boys Varsity B Team, with some returning graduates from 2022 coming back to receive their awards.

Thanksgiving Eve at Xaverian proved to be another year of great, successful traditions!


Established in 1957, Xaverian is one of thirteen schools nationwide sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers.