A Clipper Connection

Nick Mattera ‘19 and Nick Franki ’21 were able to make the All Hands on Deck Reunion very special for two Clippers. We caught up with Nick Mattera, who recapped this incredibly moving story:
"Mr. Mayrose had informed me that two graduates were not going to be able to make their 50th anniversary reunion – Mr. Joe Duffy '68 suffered from ALS and was not physically able to attend. His friend, Mr. Dennis Michalak '68 wanted to spend the day with him. Mr. Mayrose, a member of the class of '79 himself, suggested that I speak to Mr. Michalak and together, we should figure out some way to get them involved in the reunion despite being miles away. That's where we came up with the idea to bring an iPad and have the two speak to their classmates over Skype. 
Speaking with Mr. Michalak on the phone, I could see that Xaverian was a major part of his world. Just from talking to him for ten minutes, I understood that he was heartbroken that he and Mr. Duffy could not make the reunion, and so, we decided to do the thing that makes Xaverian the place it is: we go above and beyond for our family. 
While we were walking around with the iPad and speaking with Mr. Michalak and Mr. Duffy's classmates, it was clear as day that this reunion was extremely special to them, and knowing that I could help bring them there was extremely humbling. What makes this school different from any other place is the fact that our community is willing to drop anything at any time to help a brother or sister in need. It's an amazing feeling to know that if I were in the same place, a hundred kids would volunteer to help me if they could. It's what makes Xaverian unique."
Established in 1957, Xaverian is one of thirteen schools nationwide sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers.
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