A Clipper Serves.

Liam Sawyer '19
Service plays a huge role in the daily life of everyone in the Xaverian community. Over the weekend, eleven students with the assistance of Mr. Tinervia '97, one of our Campus Ministers, gathered at Saint Dominic’s in Bensonhurst to help out the local outreach program.

The Trinity Rescue & Bensonhurst Cluster Outreach Program was established to help the poor and homeless in times of need and especially during the cold winter months. A member of the program asked on their Facebook page for high school students to come and help if they can in order to get their facility ready for the winter. Our Clippers took on this task and helped sort everything from clothes to shoes. Everything was sorted from item type, such as t-shirt’s, sweatshirts, jackets, and shoes. After they were sorted by size, they were put into bins or hung in the parish closet. Now, the program can load more cars with the items needed and send them out more often since they are not spending most of the time organizing.

Olivia Serrano ‘20 had this to say about her experience over the weekend: “I learned a lot of stuff about the different communities around us and I really enjoyed helping those in need. This was something I wouldn’t normally do but after talking to Mr. Tinervia and learning that so many people go hungry and/or don’t have any place to go, it just made we want to help even more. We helped organize what seemed to be endless piles of clothes but it was worth it in the end because those who needed it could access it easily.” 
If YOU are looking to get involved, make sure to stop by the new Campus Ministry Center, located right outside the cafeteria!
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