Beach Clean-Up!

Nick Mattera '19

What does a number like that mean to you?

To me, it’s upsetting. It’s an example of contempt and plain laziness. It’s an example of how little some people can care about what’s around them.

To not be so cryptic, 20 is the average amount of pieces of garbage I’d pick up off the beach on a daily basis as a lifeguard this past summer. 
So when Mr. Majikas offered to hold a beach cleanup for his Marine Biology class, I was elated. It was just what I needed to hear - a group of people getting together to do the right thing for something I’m so passionate about. To see my classmates make things right by the ocean, to make a change, meant so much to me.

The beach was calm and quiet. Even the birds had nothing to say. It was just us, our green biodegradable bags, and plenty of garbage to pick up. The group cleaned up various items ranging from small plastics to an old hubcap along Riis Park Beach from 7:30 to 8:45AM. In total, seven bags were filled to the top and put into garbage cans to be collected and recycled. Special thanks to Christian Agoglia, Darneisha Paul, Cooper Nagel, and Nick Firingos for attending, and a huge thank you to Mr. Majikas for putting the event together.
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