Spring Spectacular

The 4th Annual Spring Spectacular- 4.5.19!

On Friday, April 5th, over 500 people gathered in the gym for the 4th annual Spring Spectacular to raise
funds for the Clipper Fund.
Congratulations to Stanley Fung P'23, the winner of the Basketball at Barclays Raffle, and to Angelic Sullivan P'23, the winner of the Clipper Tuition Raffle.
Viva Xaverian was a success thanks to all who attended, bought raffle tickets, donated or solicited items, purchased gifts from our registry and volunteered their time and effort to the Spectacular.
Thanks to the Nicholson and Ostrander families who generously donated two of our grand prizes and to Christina Duval who secured the Barclays Suite from Bay Ridge Honda.

Thank You!

Thank you to all of our volunteers who worked so hard to make Viva Xaverian a success!
Co-Chairs:        Christina Conti P’21,’24, Dominique D’Onofrio P’21
Coordinators:   Christine Banker P’21, Theresa Fitzpatrick P’17,’19, Fran Gillen P’09,’12,’15,
Christina Greco P’18,’22, Carolyn Guglielmo P’21, Christine Gullo P’20, Tressa Kabbez P’20,’24, Liz Mezzacappa P’20,’21, Jennifer Vann P’20

Lynn Anderson P’22
Lori Bambina P’22
Lisa Barnett P’22         
Donna Bartnett P’21
Lynn Berat P’21,’22
Fabienne Blanchard P’21
Krista Bonanno P’20, ’22
Vincent Bonnano P’20, ’22
Joann Byrne P’20
Rose Carofalo P’21
Maria Catalano P’20,’22
Francesca Centore P’22,’25
Shirley Chen P’24
Joanne Chianchiano P’18
Kathleen Coad P’21
Maureen Collins P’18, ’20
Rachel Connolly P’18,’21
Richard Conti P’21,’24
Christine Corrado P’22
Diane Cuddy P’19, P’22
Rimma Danov P’25
Alyse DeAngelis P’22
Daniela DeSanto P’20
Ledya DeLorenzo P’10,’22
Lucinda DiSalvo P’22
Jennifer D’Onofrio P’18,’19,’21
Laura Driscoll P’20,’23
Christina Duval P’21
Maureen Featherston P’20
Stefania Fieramosca P’22
Patrizia Fox P’21
Debbie Ford P’19
Angela Ginex P’21
Filicia Guitian P’21
Jennifer Hayes P’22
Maureen Hayes P’22
Janet Healy P’22
Diane Kling-Gerardi P’22
E.J. LaGanga P’22
Mary Lauriello P’25
Michelle Lee P’24
Marion Marianova P’19
Tara Mattera P’19
Nicoletta McKeever P’22
Dawn Meade P’20
Jennifer Mennella P’25
Donna Messina P’21
Racquel Mongelluzzo P’25
Michelle Ngai P’22
Joanna Ostrander P’20
Liz Palombo P’22
Jennifer Parsons P’23
Dawn Pender P’22
Diane Perrotta P’21,’24
John Perrotta P’21,’24
Mary Scally P’19,’20
Teresa Santamaria P’20
Michele Schoenfeld P’21,’24
Vilma Serra Benitez P’21
Cathy Stephansen P’22
Diana Sullivan P’20
Maryann Wood P’23

Established in 1957, Xaverian is one of thirteen schools nationwide sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers.
7100 Shore Road         Brooklyn, New York 11209         Phone: (718) 836-7100